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Houses for sale in Copeland Park

On the hunt for houses for sale in Copeland park in Ottawa? You're in the right place. Here, we'll tell you everything you need to know about homes for sale in Copeland Park and about Copeland park real estate. If you're planning on buying a house in this great neighborhood, read on!

Copeland Park is a neighbourhood in Ottawa's west end, located in College Ward. Agincourt Road runs through it on the west, Baseline Road on the south, Clyde Avenue on the east, and the Central Experimental Farm Pathway on the north.

Copeland Park gives you a taste of suburban life while also providing you with practically all of your needs. This family-oriented community is bordered by small patches of mature woods, lush flora, and convenient access to numerous Ottawa bike lanes.

Although this neighborhood is very close to the busier parts of down-town Ottawa, it still feels very quiet and its residents say it's a haven of peace.

If you're planning on moving to Ottawa or buying some real estate in the Canadian capital, houses for sale in Copeland Park are definitely a good option. Before you buy a house in this neighborhood, have a look at our guide of activities you can do there as well as restaurants, schools, and parks you'll find in the neighborhood.

Fun things to do in Copeland Park

Copeland Park is a neighborhood full of young families. Because of this the neighborhood hosts a lot of activities organized by the community board.

The Bel-Air Community Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of inhabitants in the Copeland Park neighborhood. Residents can express their problems, share their thoughts, and plan community activities. 

In addition, the Pinecrest Recreation Complex, which has a five-lane swimming pool, sauna, weight and cardio facilities, and the Barabara Anne Scott Arena for skating and hockey are both close by. If you look for houses for sale in Copeland park, you'll definitely be at the heart of a vibrant community.

A neighborhood that is really close, that offers tons of activities and that we highly recommend visiting is Westboro. Read this guide to find all the activities you can do there.

Great restaurants in Copeland Park

The neighborhood of Copeland Park is home to some awesome restaurants. Here you'll find all kinds of eateries, from delicious fast-food to high-end posh cafes. Most of the restaurants in Copeland park are located in the Merivale area and the college square market.

Are you debating whether or not it's worthwhile to look for houses for sale in Copeland Park? After looking over our list of fantastic eateries in Copeland park, we're confident you won't be disappointed with this neighborhood:

Merivale fish market

This great location, which also serves as a fish market, sells some of the capital's freshest seafood. Copeland park 's best-kept secret is this great little bistro. This fish market has a wide range of fish and seafood meals that are sure to please in a cozy setting.

Merivale fish market is also a fantastic spot for a romantic evening. We're sure this great location will convince you to look for houses for sale in Copeland park.

You'll find this awesome restaurant at 1480 Merivale road.

Summerhays grill

If you want the best place in town for delectable breakfasts and late-night chicken wings, Summerhays grill won't disappoint you.This restaurant opened in 2000 and has been the go to place ever since for delicious pasta, entrees, and burgers.

All of the menu items come in generous serving size and there's also a bar available to satisfy your thirst.

Summerhays grill is located at 1971 Baseline road.

Green Papaya

Green Papaya's gorgeous shaded terrace is a great place to eat lunch on a hot summer day. The patio is spacious and shaded, providing a welcome respite from the hot sun. This is the place to go if you want fantastic Thai cuisine with bean sprouts, green onions, and peanuts. The service is courteous and prompt. This is a place you'll want to return to again and again.

Green Papaya is located at 256 Preston Street.

Different amenities you'll find in Copeland Park

It's a great idea to look for houses for sale in Copeland Park if you're planning on moving to Ottawa as this neighborhood provides awesome amenities. 

To start, being just 10 minutes away from the Queensway Carleton hospital will give you a great peace of mind. You'll also be super close to good dentists and pharmacies.

You'll have plenty of gyms as well as a skating rink nearby. And although Copeland park is predominantly a suburban area, there are plenty of stores and shopping malls right in the neighborhood. There are an Ikea and a Walmart right in the heart of the neighborhood. Don't wait and start looking for houses for sale in Copeland today!

Different houses for sale in Copeland Park

Some of the houses for sale in Copeland Park date back to the sixties and even the fifties. Despite the fact that this is one of Ottawa's older neighborhoods, the bulk of the homes are in good condition and have made tons of happy buyers.

In reality, several spectacular mid-century modern architect-designed residences can be found in Copeland Park. The majority of the homes are single detached with large yards, but there are a few condominium buildings as well. 

Because the majority of the properties in this neighborhood are so big they usually attract families and young couple planning to raise a family in Ottawa. 

There is a home for everyone at every stage of life, whether you want to live in  single detached home, a high rise, a bungalow, or a townhouse.