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Are you moving to Ottawa and you're interested in houses for sale in Kanata? You're in the right place! Here we'll tell you everything about homes for sale in Kanata. We'll also tell you about the top activities you can do after you buy a house in Kanata. From the restaurants, to the coffee shops and all the places you should visit. If you're wondering where to live in Ottawa and you're looking at houses for sale in Kanata, you're in the right place to learn more about this vibrant neighborhood.

Kanata is Ottawa's tech hub. It's a busy neighborhood with plenty of exciting things to do as well as many shops and amenities where you can get everything you need. This area is near the city center yet far enough away to enjoy the outdoors.

Kanata is right next to Stittsville, another neighborhood that is worth exploring for all the family-friendly activities it offers.

Because of the high-tech sector's impact, Kanata has grown considerably during the last 20 years. It's a neighborhood that now offers numerous amenities for families, young professionals or retirees. Looking for houses for sale in Kanata is a great option as you'll be next to plenty of outstanding restaurants, excellent schools, and green space to raise a family or enjoy the outdoors.

We'll tell you all you need to know about this fantastic area and why it's the ideal neighborhood to buy a property in Ottawa. If you're looking for houses for sale in Kanata, start by reading this article to learn more about all there is to do in the neighborhood.

What are the top things to do in Kanata?

Finding homes for sale in Kanata and moving to this part of Ottawa is a great idea since it has all the amenities you could need and offers tons of fun activities. It's also close enough to other neighborhoods like Stittsville, Carp and Almonte where you'll find outdoor activities, farmers markets, and  gorgeous little boutiques.

Here are just a few of the top things to do in Kanata:

Enjoy a nice swim at Kanata leisure center and wave pool

Do you enjoy refreshing waves crashing down on you after a hot day in the city? The wave pool in Kanata is one of the best amenities in the neighborhood and a great reason to look for houses for sale in Kanata. This center is a fantastic spot to cool down, take a class, or simply enjoy the surf!

This facility has a children's section, a slide, great waves, a hot tub area, and a sauna. The site is well-kept, and there is plenty of parking.

You'll find Kanata leisure center and wave pool at 70 Aird place in Kanata.

Spend time in nature at South March Highlands Conservation Forest

This conservation forest is located in the northern part of Kanata and offers a variety of pathways to explore. It's the perfect place to enjoy a stroll or a bike ride on the trails with plenty of scenic vistas.

The trails you'll find there are exceptionally well maintained. Stones are utilized throughout to provide better footing, and there are several well-structured wood bridges to avoid damp places. You should wear good hiking shoes to walk these trails as there are some rockier areas along the way.

You'll definitely want to visit this forest if you buy a house in Kanata!

Practice your rock climbing skills at Altitude rock climbing gym

Another great reason to look for houses for sale in Kanata is this fantastic rock climbing center. Altitude Gym introduces something new to the world of indoor climbing in a unique setting. They offer a one-of-a-kind rock climbing center with all kinds of rock climbing options such as bouldering, top-rope with auto-belay, and a speed wall.

Whether you're new to rock climbing or you're an aficionado of the sport, we can guarantee you won't be disappointed by this awesome center.

Altitude rock climbing gym is located at 501 Palladium drive in Kanata.

Watch a game of hockey or enjoy a concert at the Canadian Tire Center

Canadian Tire Centre is a multi-purpose indoor arena in the neighborhood of Kanata. It's an awesome place to go watch a game of hockey or enjoy a concert. Seeing your favorite band in a live setting or watching your favorite hockey team play at this arena will definitely be an exhilarating experience and a fantastic reason to look for a home for sale in Kanata.

You'll find the Canadian tire center at 1000 Palladium drive.

Enjoy an afternoon of shopping at Tanger Outlets

If you like shopping for clothes with your best friends, you'll love this shopping center. It offers everything you could possibly be looking for from fitness, fashion, home furnishings, cuisine, and so much more!

Tanger outlets is located at 8555 Campeau drive.

Best restaurants in Kanata

The neighborhood of Kanata in Ottawa has a great selection of fine dining places. 

Wondering if it's worth it to look for houses for sale in Kanata Ottawa? We're absolutely convinced you won't be disappointed by this neighborhood in Ottawa once you have a look at this list of great restaurants:

Amuse kitchen and wine

This restaurant serves modern French and Italian dishes, as well as a robust wine selection and delectable drinks, all in the most engaging, original, and creative eating environment in the neighborhood. This restaurant's mission is simple: eat, drink, and share. Their sophisticated and inviting atmosphere is ideal for a night out, special occasions, or business functions.

If you love salmon tartare, shrimp risotto or lamb sirloin, this is the place for you!

You'll find Amuse Kitchen and wine at 500 Eagleson road in Kanata.


Need an incentive to look for houses for sale in Kanata? Look no further. This restaurant will make you want to move to the neighborhood immediately. Aperitivo serves excellent European and Mediterranean dishes.

If you fancy braised chuck, nannos cheeseballs or charred broccoli salad, you'll love this place!

Different houses for sale in Kanata

The most popular type of houses for sale in Kanata are single detached homes, which account for the majority of residences, while townhouses account for the remainder. Around 40% of the homes in this area of town were built after the year 2000, with the majority of the remaining structures being from the 1960s and 1980s. The majority of the residences in this area have four or more bedrooms and three bedrooms. 

The suburb's properties are occupied by homeowners in 85 percent of cases, while the remainder are rented.