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Why should you look for houses for sale in Old Ottawa South? What are the charms and attractions of this neighborhood? Here you'll find all the things to do in Old Ottawa South, from the restaurants, to the fantastic little shops and all the fun places you can visit. If you're wondering where to buy your house in Ottawa and you are considering buying a home in Old Ottawa South, you're in the right place to learn more about this great neighborhood.

Old Ottawa South is a gorgeous neighborhood that feels more like a big village than a busy urban center. This part of Ottawa is nestled between the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal. If you want a slice of urban life with a village feel, perusing the houses for sale in old Ottawa South is a great idea!

Historic red brick homes with covered front porches, traditional curb appeal, fantastic parks and walking trails, superb schools, and trendy stores are all part of what makes the neighborhood's appeal.

The community association in the neighborhood is quite active, with the purpose of making Old Ottawa South a special place to live. The organization hosts a variety of social events to bring the community together, as well as educational, sporting, fitness, and recreational programs. Moreover, the group hosts a number of events throughout the year.

This neighborhood has some gorgeous houses and a great sense of community but before you go looking for houses for sale in Old Ottawa South, have a look at the following list of activities you can do there.

Fun things to do in Old Ottawa South

If you have a family, finding houses for sale in Old Ottawa South and starting a new life in this lovely neighborhood is a great idea since it's full of family-friendly activities and it has a great sense of community. Here are a few of the different things you can do in Old Ottawa South:

Enjoy the beauty of the Rideau River

Old Ottawa South is the perfect neighborhood to enjoy the beauty of the Rideau canal in the Northern part of the neighborhood and to walk along the Rideau River in the South.

The areas around the Rideau River offer all kinds of activities such as safe cycling trails, fun marinas, skating and more. Walking next to the water is the perfect way to relax after a long hot summer day. This river alone is a great motivation to search for houses for sale in Old Ottawa South.

Play pinball and classic arcade games at House of Targ

House of Targ is a pierogi restaurant in Old Ottawa South. Although the food at house of Targ is fantastic, it's not the main attraction. Most people visit this restaurant to spend hours playing pinball or classic arcade games at one of the many retro machines on sight.

If you want to feel like you're traveling back in time, enjoy some great arcade games and perogies at the same time, then the House of Targ is the place to visit!

House of Targ is located at 1077 Bank Street.

Peruse a great selection of books at Black squirrel books and Espresso Bar

Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar features new and secondhand books available for purchase in a welcoming environment with coffee, artisan brews, and live music on occasion.

This secondhand bookstore and café is often bustling with bibliophiles browsing the shelves and espresso drinkers relaxing in one of the numerous old chesterfields.

You'll find the Black Squirrel at 1073 Bank Street.

Watch independent films at one of the oldest movie theaters in Ottawa

If you love watching classic movies, you'll love the Mayfair theatre. It has been in operation since 1932, making it Ottawa's oldest and most active movie theater. Sitting down in this old cinema feels like walking back in time and it's an experience that is sure to bring you a feeling of nostalgia.

Independent, second-run, and vintage films are all part of the theater's repertoire. You'll find the Mayfair theater at 1074 Bank street.

Best places to eat out in Old Ottawa South

Old Ottawa South is home to some great restaurants and fantastic little cafes. Most of the best restaurants in the neighborhood are located along Bank street.

Wondering if it's worth it to look for houses for sale in Old Ottawa South? We're absolutely convinced you won't be disappointed by this neighborhood in Ottawa once you have a look at this list of great restaurants in Old Ottawa South:

The Belmont

If Shiitake dumplings that are cooked to perfection, delicious cauliflower, and lettuce wraps sound good to you then you will love Belmont. This restaurant serves a mix of Canadian food and dishes from all around the world. We bet this restaurant will charm you and will become one of your favorite places in the neighborhood.

You'll find The Belmont at 1169 Bank street in Ottawa.

Vietnamese Kitchen

You'll fall in love with this restaurant if you enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. It's the go-to spot for traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes like pho and fried rice, which can be eaten in or taken out.

The restaurant's seating capacity is restricted, but the meal is delivered quickly and hot! Delivery is available within 5 kilometers (3 miles) of the restaurant, which is a few minutes walk south of the TD Place sports stadium and the stylish Glebe neighborhood. In a market brimming with Asian cuisine selections, the Vietnamese Kitchen staff are extremely proud of their food.

This gem of a restaurant is open seven days a week and should not be prejudiced by its dated interior. We bet their delicious food selection will make you want to look for houses for sale in Old Ottawa South as soon as you try it! Their complete menu can be found on their website, and it includes a distinct section with a large variety of vegetarian options.

You'll find this lovely restaurant at 1098 Bank street.

Patty's Pub

This awesome pub is a laid-back hangout spot with an old-school vibe that serves bar food, scotch, and local craft beers. They serve a great variety of Irish dishes that you can enjoy inside the pub or outside on the patio during the summer.

Patty's pub is located at 1186 Bank street.

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

This restaurant's gelato is fully prepared in-house with natural ingredients, as evidenced by the first bite! Before opening this wonderful establishment, the founders traveled around Italy and conducted extensive research. Expect to wait in line for a long time throughout the warm months, especially in the evenings.

The staff Of Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is quite pleasant and will make you want to come back. Many national and international honors have been given to the restaurant.

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is located at 1103 Bank street.

Different kinds of houses for sale in Old Ottawa South

Many of the houses for sale in Old Ottawa South are single detached houses, but there are also modest apartment buildings and townhouses. The majority of the housing development in this area occurred prior to the 1960s. Most of the residences in this part of the city have three to four or more bedrooms.

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