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Why should you look for houses for sale in Stittsville? What are the charms and attractions of Stittsville near Ottawa? Read on to discover the top things to do in Stittsville, from the restaurants, to the coffee shops and all the little parks you should visit. If you're wondering where to buy your house in Ottawa and you considered buying a home in Stittsville, you're in the right place to learn more about this vibrant neighborhood.

In the neighborhood of Stittsville, there is truly something for everyone. It's a neighborhood that is a little outside of Ottawa's more urbanized areas, but close enough to the city center that you can easily get to your favorite businesses if you feel like shopping.

Why look for houses for sale in Stittsville you may ask? It's the ideal place to buy a home if you want to be close to vital enterprises while yet enjoying the comforts of nature. Another advantage of houses for sale Stittsville is that it's a fantastic place to raise a family.

Because Stittsville has been around for a long time, this neighborhood has a good mix of traditional and newer residences. This area has seen a lot of recent development while still retaining its small-town character. It is ideal for homeowners seeking a home with space and ample lot size. 

We'll tell you all you need to know about this fantastic area and why it's such a terrific spot to purchase a property in Ottawa. If you're looking for houses for sale in Stittsville, start by reading this article to learn more about one of Ottawa's most charming areas.

What are the top activities to do in Stittsville?

Finding homes for sale in Stittsville and moving to this lovely neighborhood is a great idea since it's full of fun outdoor activities, wide open spaces, and nature. One thing that is important to note is that you'll definitely need a car to live there comfortably.

It's a neighborhood that has great family-friendly activities year-round. Here are just a few of the top things to do in Stittsville:

Visit Saunders Farm with your family

If you have children, this fun destination will surely convince you to look for houses for sale in Stittsville. Saunders farm is a place that is certain to delight your family! This farm has ten hedge mazes to explore during the summer, as well as picnic spaces, wagon rides, and play areas, which will keep the whole family entertained.

During summer you can cool off and get wet in their water spray attraction and this farm even has some cool Halloween activities!

Saunders farm is located at 7893 Bleeks road.

Explore Diefenbunker, Canada's cold war museum

If you decide to buy a house in Stittsville, visiting this museum is definitely one of the first activities you should do in the neighborhood.

Built between 1959 and 1961, the Diefenbunker is a huge four-story subterranean bunker. During the Cold War, key leaders were supposed to seek refuge here if a nuclear war broke out. Until 1994, it was known as Canadian Forces Station Carp. It's now a non-profit, charity museum that offers award-winning tours and activities.

You'll find Canada's cold war museum at 3929 Carp road.

Discover a local vineyard at Jabulani Vineyard and Winery

If you love to discover new wines and you want to discover distinct Canadian wine flavors, make sure to visit Jabulani vineyard and Winery. The winery itself is located 20 minutes from Stittsville. 

The owner of this vineyard has used grape harvesting methods that he learned while visiting the wine regions of South Africa. This gives these wines a unique flavor that is loved by customers and wine judges alike. This winery won fifteen international awards and five Canadian championship awards.

At Jabulani Vineyard you'll discover eight different varieties of cold climate vines planted on the gorgeous 11 acres of the farm. This vineyard is another great reason to look for houses for sale in Stittsville.  

You'll find this vineyard at  8005 Jock Trail.

Another vineyard in the neighborhood that is absolutely worth checking is Kin vineyard located at 2225 Craig's Side road.

Spend an afternoon at Goulbourn museum

If you're looking for houses for sale Stittsville and you love museums, you'll be delighted by the Goulbourn museum.

The Goulbourn Museum tells the narrative of Ottawa's earliest military outpost and its early years in Goulbourn Township. Goulbourn Museum, in Ottawa's west end, is located just south of Stittsville. This museum has a broad collection of relics and interactive displays that will surely entertain your family for hours.

The Goulbourn museum is located at 2064 Huntley road.

Best places to eat out in Stittsville

There are numerous wonderful restaurants in the Stittsville area. Are you debating whether or not it's worthwhile to look for houses for sale in Stittsville? After looking at this list of fantastic eateries in Stittsville, we're confident you won't be disappointed with this neighborhood:


This restaurant has some of the best traditional Italian food in Ottawa. The menu of this cute Italian eatery is chock-full of classic Italian recipes. It's owner was born in Sicily and that's where he learned how to cook all of his delicious dishes. He later sharpened his cooking skills in New-York to bring you some of the best flavors in the world

While the restaurant is modest, it is ambient, warm, and welcoming — ideal for anything from a date to a get-together with friends.

You'll find this restaurant at 6081 Hazeldean road in Stittsville.

The Glen Scottish Restaurant & Pub

If you love fish and chips, this restaurant is an excellent incentive to buy a property in Stittsville! This eatery serves some of the greatest British cuisine. It's a great place for pub food and beer. The restaurant has a superb selection of ales and lagers and delicious meals.

If you love courteous service, welcoming ambiance, and delicious fish & chips, this is definitely the place to visit!

You'll find the Glen Scottish Restaurant and Pub at 6081 Hazeldean road in Stittsville.


This restaurant is only a few years old, yet it has already established itself as one of Ottawa's best restaurants. Globally inspired meals are matched with innovative drinks and a wide range of wines at this lively café. NeXt is a fantastic reason why you should look for a house for sale in Stittsville and move to the neighborhood.

Come and enjoy the food at 6400 Hazeldean road in Stittsville.

Different houses for sale Stittsville

In Stittsville, you'll discover a wide range of housing options. There are townhouses, stacked condominiums, and single-family residences available for purchase. You'll find plenty of gorgeous houses that have 4 bedrooms or more.

This is an excellent selling feature for homeowners who will need to relocate as their family grows or their lifestyle changes. They'll be able to purchase a fresh new house that complements their new lifestyle in a family friendly community.

If you want to buy a home in Stittsville, don't wait and contact us today!