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Why should you look for houses for sale in Westboro? What are the charms and attractions of Westboro Ottawa? Here you'll find all the things to do in Westboro, from the restaurants, to the coffee shops and all the little parks you should visit. If you're wondering where to buy your house in Ottawa and you considered buying a home in Westboro, you're in the right place to learn more about this vibrant neighborhood.

Westboro is a rich and vibrant neighborhood in Ottawa. It's full of trendy restaurants, yoga schools, coffee shops, chic boutiques and  quaint restored homes. It lies seven kilometers from Parliament hill and it's a gorgeous place for young professionals who want to enjoy a lively neighborhood in the Canadian capital.

Here we'll tell you all about this awesome neighborhood and why it's a great place to buy a home in Ottawa. If you're interested in homes for sale in Westboro, read this article first to discover the charms of one of Ottawa's most dynamic neighborhoods.

What are the top activities to do in Westboro?

Finding homes for sale in Westboro and starting a new life in this lovely neighborhood is a great idea since it's full of cool venues, gorgeous little parks, and boutiques. Here are just a few of the top things to do in Westboro:

Enjoying the summer festival Westfest 

This is the festival that put Westboro on the map, both nationally and internationally. It's a three-day music festival that attracts thousands of people from all over the world every year. If you're a fan of music, spending time outside with your friends, and enjoying the  nice weather, you should definitely participate in Westboro's top festival. You won't be disapointed!

Taking a yoga class in Westboro

Wondering what kind of physical activities would best fit your lifestyle after you buy a home in Westboro? Why not take a yoga class at one of the many yoga schools in the area? This is one of the top activities in Westboro. You can enjoy a yoga class at Pure Yoga, Pathway Yoga, and Yoga Collective in Westboro. 

Running or biking along Parkway

If you love being physically active, Westboro is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa. This neighborhood is near Parkway, a four-lane scenic parkway along the Ottawa River. It's a great place to bike, run or walk while enjoying the beauty of the river.

Westboro beach

This lovely beach on the side of the Ottawa river is a great place to enjoy hot summer days, gorgeous sunsets and live music. If you're wondering where is the best neighborhood to buy a home in Ottawa and you happen to be a beach lover, do yourself a favor and look for homes for sale in Westboro.

Enjoy the Ottawa skyline from Bate island

If you want to enjoy both the Ottawa skyline and a bit of nature at the same time, there is no better place than Bate island. It's a fantastic place to take pictures especially during winter. At that time of the year, the water in the river doesn't completely freeze and the trees are covered in snow.

If you buy a home in Westboro, you should definitely go for a walk on Bate island, you won't regret it!

Best places to eat out in Westboro

The neighborhood of Westboro is home to some of the top restaurants in the city. Most of these restaurants are located on Richmond road. This is also the area where you'll find the coolest little stores and boutiques in the city.

Wondering if it's worth it to look for homes for sale in Westboro? We're absolutely convinced you won't be disappointed by this neighborhood in Ottawa once you have a look at this list of great restaurants in Westboro:

Baker street Cafe

This is a great cafe for breakfasts and for Sunday morning brunches. If you love fresh fruits, blueberry pancakes and great coffee, this place is definitely worth it!

Baker street cafe is located at 385 Richmond road Ottawa.

Pure kitchen

This is a great restaurant for vegetarians. If you're keen on trying cauliflower wings, veggie tacos or a sweet potato dish, Pure kitchen is the place for you!

Pure Kitchen is located at 357 Richmond road Ottawa.

Different Houses for sale in Westboro

Real estate in Westboro has seen interesting changes over the last decade. Price of houses in Westboro went up drastically over the last few years. This is because builders have been developing more and more condos in this neighborhood.

In Westboro you can buy all kinds of homes. Whether you're looking for house for sale in Westboro or condos for sale in Westboro, you're sure to find them in this lovely neighborhood.

Because Westboro is so dynamic and full of cool businesses, it has caught the interest of commercial and real estate buyers who consider it one of Ottawa’s best locations for investing. 

This also resulted in a lot of residential development and infill housing. It's a great thing for people who want to move into the neighborhood, however it does come with some drawbacks. Traffic is moving a bit slowly and it can be a bit congested during peak hours.